3D Jewelry Design, 3D Printing & Jewelry Making Studio.

3D Jewellery Design

With over 30 years of jewellery making at the bench, and 15 years designing in 3D, we have mastered the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.



At Xact3D, we use the latest technologies to assist professional jewelers with their needs for 3D jewellery design. We provide 3D design and 3D wax printing service. We also have a full manufacturing facility for gold, platinum and silver production.

Professional 3D design for printing, image rendering, animation , and jewellery production.

Printing in 3D for casting and mold making, as well as product developpment and concept research.

Interactive 360 animation to showcase jewellery on websites.

Casting, cleaning, assembling and polishing jewellery in gold, platinum or silver.

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3D Jewellery Printing

3D printing has become a key element in the jewellery production process. At Xact3D we use a German made 3D printer, giving unparalleled smooth surface finish, and excellent casting property waxes.

3D wax print
3D jewelry wax print

Waxes are printed in very high resolution, which almost entirely eliminates the stairway effect. Details are crisp, surface is smooth, and the wax is tough enough to be handled securely without breaking.


The resin wax is easily castable in all precious metals. Resin model can be used to create silicone or RTV molds, thus retaining the original design dimensions and intricate details.


We design and prints waxes for our jewellery customers, and we offer printing only services for 3D designers as well. Designers can upload their file to print using the Dropbox link.


360 Interactive Animation

Engage your customer with 360 product viewing. Make your jewellery come to life, and show its beauty form all angles. We create for you the 360 animation and publish it into your website.


Jewellery Manufacturing

No Job is too small or too big. We are happy to provide one-of-a-kind hand finishing jewellery work, as well as small to medium quantity jewellery production. All manufacturing is done with an extreme sense of quality and perfection.


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